In the seedy underworld of 1940s New York, revenge tastes like cherry pie with a side of lipstick and perfume.  The Avon Lady is in town …
Season Two is underway and Betty is back for more mischief and murder!

At the end of Season Two, the ten episodes that make Season Two collection will be rolled into a single book. Until then, new epsiodes are available individually as part of the ongoing Amazon Series Page.

Each new episode is listed below with it’s release date, please click through to find it on Amazon.

Episode #11: The Boudoir Butcher

With a serial killer on the streets of New York, Jacob turns to Betty for help, but some pressing personal matters need to be dealt with as Betty tries to pin down who is following her. Meanwhile, as key witness to Donald Pinzolo’s prosecution, Adina is in more trouble than she realizes.

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Episode #12: Sweet as Cherry Pie

George leaves for recruitment training as Betty gets caught up in Adina’s plight.

With Donny’s court case looming, Betty makes a disturbing discovery while out on the job.

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Episode #13: Pearls and Perjury

Betty pays a visit to an old enemy and begins to unravel a mystery by the docks.

A war is raging underground as Adina takes the stand.

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Episode #14: The Runaway Turkey

Thanksgiving proves to be more than Betty bargained for after she visits an insane asylum.

At home, Nancy is stirring up trouble and George’s days are plagued by puzzles that don’t fit.

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Episode #15: Snowflakes and Sleigh Bells

George comes home for Christmas before he is shipped off to France.

An unexpected message brings bad tidings for Betty as she struggles to track down the serial killer before another murder.

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Episode #16: Better the Devil You Know

Donny offers Betty an unusual invitation from behind bars.

An undercover foray on the streets of New York takes Betty into the territory of a new mob with dire implications.

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Episode #17: The Bowery Flophouse

A raid in the slums exposes the seething undercurrent of criminals fighting for dominance on the streets.

As Adina’s final court appearance looms, she finds unexpected friendship at St. Augustine’s Home for Unwanted Boys.

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Episode #18: A Jar of Pickles – COMING SOON

Manipulations by a dark force leads an innocent victim into danger as Betty struggles to regain control.

An old enemy catches up with Betty and she finds an ally in ghosts from her past.

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Episode #19: Fools Rush In – COMING SOON

Betty is paid a visit by the CIA and new cards are placed on the table.

Jacob is keeping secrets and Adina’s new friend inadvertently brings trouble.

Betty plays the serial killer at their own game and is engulfed in the raging fire she stirs up.

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Episode #20: Red, White and Blue – COMING SOON

George’s pride costs Betty dearly as Jacob’s secret is finally revealed.

Adina considers a bold choice for her own future while Betty struggles to protect her family as it is torn apart.

A decision is made that will change all of their lives.

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