Author: Hayley Camille

In the shadow of Mortwood Forest dwells the most prolific murderer of the Kingdom. The curse he carries, however, may also make him their saviour.

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A Shadows and Light Short Story

In a world where magic is lost and innocence is stolen, a prophecy begins. The darkest intentions hidden within every man’s soul are exposed, as Shadows and Light, and only one has the power to Judge them. But he is not what you expect…


From the Author

This is a short-story from the fantasy universe Shadows and Light, called ‘Judgement’. This type of story is called a ‘one-shot’, it’s kind of like throwing yourself into a universe to experience life as one of the characters as they take on a challenge or tell their own story. The next one-shot in the series may be from a different character at the same time as the first, or the same character at a different time, or perhaps even of an event that is taking place around them, but all the stories will belong to the same world. All of these one-shots eventually weave together like threads of fabric, to tell an incredibly rich story from multiple points of view.

This book, “Judgement”, kicks off the Shadows and Light series. There will be others that build upon this epic fantasy world released in the near future. In Judgement, we meet one of the central characters of the Shadows and Light universe, and see the world from his own eyes. What he sees each day, however, is definitely not what others see.

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  1. admin

    “A powerful and sympathetic voice with an ending that’s pretty damn awesome.”

    B. L. (Smashwords)

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