Picture this… 1943, at the height of WW2. A lone vigilante is on a revenge mission to take down the New York City mob. I’m talking blood, guts, bullets and gritty crime. Dark alleys and heroin addicts, extortion and murder. Violence. Prostitutes. Gangsters. Nasty stuff. 

You get what I mean. Someone needs to clean up the streets. 

So it turns out that the big boss of organized crime has a new hobby – stealing military cargo off Uncle Sam. A series of heists have been going down, hitting transport trucks bound for the shipping dock, carrying weapons and wake-up pills for the boys on the front. There’s a trail of dead soldiers and missing cargo. The cops don’t know who is behind it. But they’re trying. 

Only one person knows what’s really going on. Our vigilante, of course.

Trained assassin. Secret identity. Killer moves. But here’s the twist… our vigilante anti-hero is everything you don’t expect.

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Betty Jones from ‘Avon Calling!’ remains the original, gender-stereotype smashing, vigilante killer-housewife that continues to set the page ablaze!