What would you change if you could reverse time?

In the stunning sequel to HUMAN, modern-day archaeologist Ivy Carter begins a perilous journey across prehistoric Indonesia, at a time when volcanic eruptions, mass extinction and a genocidal war are tearing it apart.

Her own heart is just as torn. Trapped fifty thousand years in the past, Ivy has been tasked with the greatest challenge of her life; to ensure the survival of a dying species of primitive human against overwhelming odds. Despite her determination to save the people she loves, she is desperate to find a way back to her own time and the life she left behind. But each move she makes in the past, puts future Earth in danger.

As astrophysicist Orrin James battles against betrayal and spiraling destruction in the modern world to bring Ivy back, he comes to realise something that Ivy does not…

Somebody else was sent back in time with her, and she is in far greater danger than she knows.

BOOK 2 in the Ivy Carter Adventure Series, EXTINCT will be available soon.