Avon Calling: The Podcast!

The Avon Calling crime serial is becoming a podcast

It’s my dream to create an even more immersive way for you to experience the Avon Calling books: 

 Did you hear about our exciting PODCAST project? 

We are planning to create an old-style radio serial! There will be different voices for all the characters, jazz & 1940s music, sound effects, and all the bells and whistles! 

I’m currently talking to some amazing voice-over artists to feature in the series, and I think you’ll be blown away by their talents. I’m hoping to have a preview of the pilot episode out to you very soon.

The most important part is:

I want you to be part of bringing Betty to life!

I’m considering running a crowd-funding campaign to get each new episode made and I’m open to suggestions on sponsorship, incentives, rewards, Avon Calling swag and prizes – will you help me out with your own creative genius? Have your say below:

Click this link to take my short survey now!

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